Care for your print

So, your print has arrived and you want to make sure it looks as good in ten, twenty years’ time as it does today. What sort of things do you need to think about? The giclée prints available on this website are robust, but they’re not indestructible! Here are a few tips to help you preserve your print, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

  • Avoid, as much as possible, touching the printed part of the paper. Try to handle it by its edges.

  • Don’t fold your print—always keep it flat, and if you want to store it and can’t store it flat, roll it as loosely as possible and store it in a sturdy poster tube.

  • Do frame your print for display, rather than attaching it directly to the wall. This will not only look better, it will help to protect your print, undamaged.

  • If you can, get your print framed by a trusted professional picture framer. They will have the best methods and materials for framing your print, and will be able to advise you on presentation and preservation.

  • Keep the print in its protective wrapping until it is about to be framed.

  • Avoid exposing the print to direct sunlight—excessive exposure to UV light can fade and damage it over time. Even if you frame it with protective glass, it is advisable to hang the print where it will not receive direct sunlight.

  • Only acid-free materials should come into contact with the front or back of the print.

  • Don’t allow any liquids to come into contact with the print.

  • Keep your print away from extremes of temperature and humidity.

  • Only display your print indoors, never outside.