Paper & process

Close-up of two giclée prints

The paper used for your print

Hahnemühle Bamboo is a fine art paper made from 90% bamboo fibres, with a natural look and an environmentally-friendly production process.

Bamboo is an acid- and lignin-free material, which is a key factor in the age resistance of the paper produced from it.

Hahnemühle Bamboo has a natural white warm tone, and does not contain optical brighteners. However, there is no compromise here on colour reproduction or image sharpness—colours are vivid and accurate, and detail is crisp.

This paper has a unique combination of sustainable bamboo fibres, soft surface texture and impressive print quality.

The print process

Giclée is a generic French term for a fine-art print process that uses high-quality, high-resolution inkjet printers.

Whilst not all giclée printing is created equal, the print quality available to buy in this shop is amongst the best on the market today for art print reproduction.

Every care is taken to ensure complete fidelity to the original artwork, in detail and colour, by adhering to a precise workflow. Add to this the high specification of the printers used, and the wide colour gamut they offer, plus the high-grade paper detailed above, and you have a winning combination for top-quality, long-lasting limited edition prints.

For more on why these prints are limited edition, see the About page.